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Look’s like my love of lilac found a project!

Here’s a mood board I put together for a close friend looking to revamp her apartment. She’s a fan of color, eclectic art and accessories, and wanted to spend as little as possible. With that in mind, I hit up some of my favorite sites for good home decor on the cheap: West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Target, and World Market. Working with some of her pre-owned pieces (mainly a Queen Anne style coffee table and revamped flea market bar cart – she was pretty open to replacing just about anything as long as the price was right), I pulled together the above, largely based on a lilac rug and yellow media cabinet that had caught her eye.

See the rest of the product info and inspiration here.



New York is definitely a hot bed for finding beautiful, affordable, and unique art to add to your collection. This past weekend, a trip to the Brooklyn Flea in Greenpoint led me to discover local artist Philip Sachs of Sheepshead Design. Philip screen prints his geometric patterns in a variety of colorways on wood, paper, and cloth. Here are a few of his reclaimed wood pieces – I took a version of the top piece, inspired by Moroccan tiles, home with me. I love how the roughened texture of the wood adds subtle dimension to the 2-D graphic. Philip is at the flea pretty much every weekend, but if you can’t pay him a visit there (they’re outside in BK through November), you can find some of his work for sale here in his Etsy shop.





SO, I have this theory, nay, fact that flowers make EVERY shot better. Undoubtedly. It’s not even contestable. They add color, height, texture, an organic touch – you get the picture. (tee hee) They are pretty to look at and improve your composition. Win, win.

To prove my point, I have assembled a wee little comparison of sorts.

With: Masculine Artiste with a Soft, Feminine Touch

1 With

via Ryan Korban

Without: An asymmetrical picture gallery of weird portraits and some fur throws…

1 Without

With: Sophisticated Elegance with a Pop of ‘Wow’

2 With


Without: Matchy-matchy in the hooouuusssee.

2 Without

With: Crisp, Minimalist Beauty

3 With


Without: Hello, white on white on white. Better not spill…

3 Without

With: Ooo! Blue! I love hydrangeas! Beautiful, rich wood tones! Books!



Without: Blah.

4 Without

(OK, this was an obvious one considering the entire shot is based around the hydrangeas… Editor’s choice.)

Point proven, amiright? Everything’s better. Earth laughs in flowers. Laughter is good for the soul.



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